Ordering client printing with your Lilac Invitations partner website

There are several ways to generate added income by selling event stationery to your clients using your Lilac Invitations partner website.

1. Using Templates on Lilac Invitations

Best for photographers, venues and other industry partners, using premade templates is the most hands-off process for you. Simply direct your clients to your partner website (e.g. yourbrand.lilacinvitations.com) and have them browse the premade templates for save the dates, invitations, thank you cards, and more. Your clients will discover a design they love, personalize it with their details and photos, and place their order from the comfort of their home. Lilac Invitations will handle all the customer service, printing and shipping; you don't have to do anything after the introducing your clients to your partner website link. If your client already has a design they need printed (they designed it themselves for example), they can upload their file on your partner website via the Pre-Designed Cards link (under Wedding Invitations) to have Lilac Invitations print it for them. All you have to do is sit back and collect your commission!

2. Using Your Pre-Designed Cards

Are you a graphic designer or a wedding planner who has an existing design you want to get printed for your client? While you can give the final design file to your client and have them upload it to order the printed cards online themselves, you also have the more customer-friendly option to upload your existing files on their behalf into your client's shopping cart for them to purchase. This improves the likelihood that your client will complete the purchase so that you can earn your commission. Below are the steps you can use to do this.

a. Login to your partner website (e.g. yourbrand.lilacinvitations.com) as an administrator, using the details Lilac Invitations has sent you. Scroll to the footer and click on Create New User. Under Registration Details, type in your client's name and email. Create a generic username (e.g. first initial and last name such as jsmith) and generic password (e.g. yourbrand) for your client. You can leave everything else blank for your client to complete later.

b. While you are logged in as the administrator and have your client's details, navigate to the Pre-Designed Cards page:

c. Choose from the printing options your client is ordering and upload the files at the bottom of the page. Then click Next.

d. Review the order details and click Add to Cart. If you have other items to add to the cart, continue shopping and adding items to the cart as needed.

e. You are now in your administrator shopping cart and should see the order in your admin cart. The next step is to copy these items into your client's cart. This will copy over ALL the items in your admin cart, so if you have any other items in your admin cart you will first need to delete the extra items. Once that is done, click the button named "Add to Other Users' Cart" at the bottom of the page.

f. You will now see a list of all of your clients registered on your partner website. The default setting selects all of your clients. Click the button at the top of the list to remove all the check marks, then click the box for the client you want. Click Copy to add the item to your client's shopping cart.

g. Send an email to your client to let them know your partner website link, and their username and generic password that you created for them. Your customer can now login to their account, click on "Cart" at the top right corner, and complete placing and paying for their order. Your email should advise them to change their username and password to one that they can remember so they can check on their order status on their own. You should also remove their items from your admin cart as you won't need them any longer.

3. Request a Custom Quote

Do you or your client have a dream design that you'd like designed from scratch? You deserve the personal attention of our professional graphic designer who will carefully listen to what you have in mind and present you with a design that can be modified to your heart's content till it looks exactly how you want. From here, you or your client can select from many specialty options (such as foil, white ink printing, or custom sizes), upload any files or design inspiration you might have, and leave us special instructions. Then one of our designers will be in touch to discuss.