Lilac Invitations Partner Supplies

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Paper Sample Kit
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Order extra paper sample kits to show or give to your qualified clients.

A complete pack of Lilac Invitations papers so your clients can touch and feel the premium paper stock and see the quality printing. With a paper sample kit in-hand, clients are more likely to purchase online so you can earn your referral commission.


Marketing Trifold
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Professionally designed and printed trifold brochure showcasing Lilac Invitations services that encourages your clients to purchase their event stationery through your portal.

Printed with your custom web address, your clients can order online at their convenience.


Etiquette Guide
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The informative four-page etiquette guide will help your clients learn how to address guests for their events.

Includes information on invitation etiquette, thank you wording suggestions, and frequently asked questions about event etiquette.


Stock up on marketing supplies that make it easy for you to refer Lilac Invitation Invitations to earn your commissions.